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Detecting F Value 1


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All of our automatic hot water spray retorts are designed by engineers and specialists in the field of thermal processing of low acid foods. Our products conform, meet or exceed the national standards and US FDA regulations. The reasonable internal piping design allows for even heat distribution and rapid heat penetration. Accurate F value sterilization can be equipped with the retort according to the customer’s requirement to ensure the best color, taste and nutrition of foods, improving the product added value for customers, increasing economic benefits.
F value retort controls the sterilizing effects by setting the F value in advance so as to make the sterilizing effect visible, accurate, controllable and ensure the sterilizing effects of each batch are uniform. F value sterilization has been included in the relevant provisions of United States Food and Drug Administration. It is vitally important innovation for canned food sterilization.

Four pieces of mobile detecting probe are equipped with the retort which can realize the following functions:
a: Detect the F value of different foods accurately.
b: Monitor the F value of food at any time.
c: Monitor the heat distribution of retort at any time.
d: Detect the heat penetration of food.


1.Indirect heating and cooling process. Sterilizing water and cooling water do not contact directly but through the heat exchanger to exchange the heat, effectively avoid the secondary pollution of food.
2.Multi-stage heating and multi-stage cooling technology can ensure the gentle sterilization process and the best color, taste and nutrition of foods.
3.Atomized sterilizing water can enlarge the heat exchange area in order to improve the sterilization efficiency and ensure the best sterilizing effect.
4.A high-volume pump with an array of spray nozzles strategically located to create even heat distribution in both heating and cooling.
5.A small amount of sterilizing water will be quickly circulated in the retort and the sterilizing water can be recycled, saving energy consumption.
6.Precise pressure balance control system to ensure the minimum degree of deformation of outer packaging in the cooling stage, especially suitable for gas packaged products.
7.SIEMENS hardware and software control system ensure the retort safe, reliable and efficient operation.
8.Doors-manual or automatic open (optimal).
9.Automatic basket in and basket out function (optimal).

Applicable Scope

For all heat resistant and waterproof package material.
1.Glass container: glass bottle, glass jar.
2.Metal can: tin can, aluminum can.
3.Plastic container: PP bottles, HDPE bottles.
4.Flexible packaging: vacuum bag, retort pouch, laminated film bag, aluminum foil bag.

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