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Hamburger Processing Equipment Batter and Breading Machine

Short Description:

Breading machine automatically completes the breading process of the product, both fine and coarse crumbs. The product enters the lower mesh belt, the bottom and sides are covered with crumbs, and the crumbs flowing from the upper hopper cover the upper part of the product. It is compressed by pressing roller (the breadcrumb thickness on the upper and lower mesh belts is convenient to adjust). After the bread crumbs are applied, the excess bread crumbs are blown off by the wind.

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Product Details

1. Electrical Components

The electrical components are Siemens or other famous brands, makes the machine performance more stable and easy to operate.

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2.Wide range of applications

It is not only suitable for crumbs, but also for coarse crumbs, which can be used for bread crumbs on different products.

3.Stainless Steel Mesh Belt

Flat flex belts are made of stainless steel, food grade, safety ,easy to clean and long life guaranteed.

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4.Strong Fan

Strong fan can blow away the extra bread crumbs to control the coating quantity

Product Features

1.  Excellent crumbs circulation system virtually reduce  the cutting damage of the crumbs, easy to realize the standard production.
2. Reliable protection device.
3. SIEMENS electric apparatus .
4. Access to former, battering machine and fryer for a continuous production line.
5. Stainless steel made, creative design, reasonable structure, and reliable characteristics

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Customer Site

Industrial food breading machine is a large-scale machine that is designed to bread a high volume of food products efficiently and quickly. These machines are commonly used in the food industry to bread products such as chicken nuggets, fish fillets, onion rings, and other items. Industrial breading machines can be automated, which reduces the labor costs and increases the productivity of the food manufacturing process.

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