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The frying machine is widely used for frying meat, aquatic products, pasta, bean products and other foods,electricity as heating energy,The fried products are complete in color, smell and taste.

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1.Automatic scraping of slag, which is beneficial to environmental protection. This product solves the problem of a large amount of volatilization of oil caused by overheating and drying of traditional fryers.
2.Automatic slag scraping effectively relieves the degree of peroxidation of frying oil and inhibits the generation of acid value, thereby prolonging the service life of frying oil and reducing waste. Compared with traditional fryer, the fryer saves more than 50% oil.
3.Full oil structure saves oil cost and reduces the workload of changing water, and is suitable for products with non-sticky residues.
4.The main body of the equipment is made of high-quality stainless steel, with electricity as the heating energy, automatic discharge, automatic temperature control, and automatic stirring function is optional.
Make the fried products uniform, bright in color, avoid mutual adhesion between products; filter function, prolong the service life of frying oil and extend the oil change cycle.
5.Using full oil technology, the appearance of the fried product is clean and beautiful, with good color, aroma and taste, which improves product quality, is safe and healthy, and is beneficial to people.
their health.
6.Suitable for medium and small food processing enterprises, it can fry meat, fish, nuts, pasta, conditioning, etc.
7.According to different products, automatic stirring and automatic feeding devices can be selected.


The advantages of using a frying machine include:
Consistency: Frying machines can provide a consistent product quality, reducing the likelihood of human error.
Efficiency: Frying machines can fry a large volume of food products in a shorter amount of time than traditional manual frying methods.
Safety: Frying machines are equipped with safety features, such as automatic shut-off and temperature controls, to prevent accidents.
Versatility: Frying machines can fry a wide variety of food products, from small snacks to large pieces of chicken.
Cost-effective: Frying machines can be a cost-effective solution for food manufacturers and restaurants, as they can reduce labor costs and increase productivity.

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