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  • Delivery Site of Potato Chips Production Line

    Recently, the medium-sized fully automated potato chips production line in the United States has completed production and is ready for shipment. The production process of this production line is: cutting machine, battering machine, frying machine, air cooling machine, deoiling machine and lifting...
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  • Delivery of Trash Bin Washing Machine to Malaysia

    This is the delivery site that has recently been shipped to Malaysia. The trash bin washing machine mainly cleans medical waste bins and household waste bins, with three main cleaning stages: the first stage is the hot water cleaning stage, the second stage is the hot water cleaning+cleaning detr...
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  • Kexinde Malaysia Exhibition

    Kexinde Malaysia Exhibition

    The exhibition held by Shandong Kexinde Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. at the Malaysia International Convention and Exhibition Center has come to a perfect end, showcasing the company’s five major product series, consolidating existing partnerships, and exploring a large number of potential...
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  • Process flow of chicken chop flour machine

    Process flow of chicken chop flour machine

    The chicken steak flouring machine has a large output, evenly coated with flour, and good scale effect. It is suitable for processing and conditioning foods in large factories. Applicable products: small crispy meat, pot-packed meat, chicken popcorn, crispy salt machine,...
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  • Product introduction of sterilizing pot and sterilizing pot

    Product introduction of sterilizing pot and sterilizing pot

    The sterilizing pot is also called the sterilizing pot. The function of the sterilizing pot is very extensive, and it is mainly used in various fields such as food and medicine. The sterilizer is composed of a pot body, a pot cover, an opening device, a locking wedge, a ...
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