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Water Immersion Retort For Sale

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Double layer water immersion retort is extremely efficient for heat-sensitive and big size packaging products. Water immersion sterilization provides rapid heat penetration and perfect sterilization effect. The sterilizing water is preheated to the setting temperature in the upper tank with steam. The preheated high temperature sterilizing water can effectively reduce the sterilization time, especially suitable for hot packaging foods. The water immersion retort can ensure the best color, taste and nutrition of foods. The sterilizing water can be recycled to the upper tank for the next batch food sterilization, saving energy, reducing the sterilization cycle.

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1. SIEMENS hardware and software control system ensure the retort safe, reliable and efficient operation.
2. Preset sterilizing parameters. Create, edit and save several sterilizing formula according to different food. The sterilizing formula can be selected from the touching screen. Time saving and efficient, lower production costs.
3. Scientific internal piping design and sterilizing program ensure even heat distribution and rapid penetration, shorten sterilization cycle.
4. Sterilizing water and cooling water can be recycled, reducing energy consumption and saving production costs.
5. F value sterilizing function can be equipped with retort, improving the accuracy of sterilization to ensure the sterilization effect of each batch are uniform.
6. Sterilization recorder is available to record sterilizing temperature, pressure at any time, especially suitable for production management and analysis of scientific data.

Applicable Scope

Water Immersion Retort is a type of food processing equipment used to sterilize and preserve a wide range of food products, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, and ready-to-eat meals. Water Immersion Retort are commonly used in the food industry, particularly in the production of canned food products.
Overall, the application of Water Immersion Retort plays an important role in the production of safe and high-quality canned food products, and helps to ensure that consumers can enjoy a wide variety of foods throughout the year.

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