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Factory Customized plastic recycling washing machine crate washing machine

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The washing machine has three parts: hot water spray part, hot alkali water spray part, cold clean water spray part. All main materials are SUS304 material, adopt stainless steel hot water pump, can wash all kinds baskets.Reasonable waterway design and high efficiency water saving, water saving rate is about 80%. Conveyor chain adjustable range is 6-10 m/min, meet different cleaning conditions an requirements.

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Equipment Introduction

The turnover basket washing machine, also known as the container sterilization washing machine, adopts high temperature and high pressure sterilization to clean the baskets, trays, and turnover containers with lids in all walks of life. Environmental protection; high-efficiency air-drying or drying system can be installed, the water removal rate can reach more than 90%, and the turnover time can be reduced.

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Working Principle 

Using high temperature (>80℃) and high pressure (0.2-0.7Mpa), the container is washed and sterilized in four steps, and then the high-efficiency air-drying system is used to quickly remove the surface moisture of the container and reduce the turnover time. It is divided into spray pre-washing, high-pressure washing, spray rinsing, and spray cleaning; the first step is to pre-wash containers that are not in direct contact with ingredients such as external turnover baskets by means of high-flow spray, which is equivalent to soaking the containers. , which is helpful for subsequent cleaning; the second step uses high-pressure washing to separate the surface oil, dirt and other stains from the container; the third step uses relatively clean circulating water to further rinse the container. The fourth step is to use uncirculated clean water to rinse the residual sewage on the surface of the container, and to cool the container after high temperature cleaning.

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Product Advantages

Fast and high quality

High cleaning efficiency and good effect. Four-step cleaning method under high temperature and high pressure, 360° cleaning without dead angle, cleaning speed can be adjusted arbitrarily according to production needs, nozzle angle can be adjusted, lower nozzle can be swung, high-efficiency air-drying, and high water removal rate.

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Safe bacteria control

The overall material of the industrial washer machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel, pharmaceutical grade seamless welding technology, the pipeline connection is smooth and seamless, there is no hygienic dead angle after cleaning, to avoid bacterial growth, the protection level reaches IP69K, and the sterilization and cleaning are convenient. The whole machine adopts 304 stainless steel technology, sanitary pump, protection grade IP69K, no welding joints to avoid bacterial growth, in line with EU equipment manufacturing standards, clean and sterilized.

Energy saving

The cleaning process of the container sterilization cleaning machine adopts the steam heating method, and the heating speed is fast, no need to add any cleaning agent liquid, no cleaning agent liquid cost, energy saving and environmental protection. The three-stage independent water tank is used to circulate water during the cleaning process, which is more water-saving. Air knife is high speed and high water removal rate.

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Easy to clean

The protection level of the container sterilization washing machine is up to IP69K, which can directly perform sterilization washing, chemical cleaning, steam sterilization, and thorough sterilization. Supports quick disassembly and washing, leaving no dead corners for cleaning and avoiding the risk of bacterial growth.

Run smoothly

All the electrical accessories of the container sterilization washing machine are the first-line brands with high stability, high safety and long service life recognized by users, and the operation is stable and safe. The protection level of the electric control cabinet is IP69K, which can be directly washed and has a high safety factor.

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Smart production

The industrial washer is intelligently designed, with programmed module control in the background, with a high degree of automation. The touch screen is equipped with simple buttons, and the manual operation is simple and convenient. The front and back ends are designed with reserved ports that can quickly connect to various automation equipment, and enterprises can freely combine them according to production needs.


The industrial washer is widely used in baking tins, baking trays, bins, cheese moulds, containers, cutting plates, eurobins, medical containers, pallet dividers, parts, shopping carts, wheel chairs, baking tins couples, barrels, bread crates, chocolate moulds, crates, egg trays, meat gloves, pallet boxes, pallet, shopping baskets, trolleys, reset etc.

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