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Automatic 500kg/h frozen french fries making machine 304 stainless steel machine to production of french fries

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Our frozen french fries production line with fully automation or semi automation as your want, capacity from 50-3000 kg per hour. Mainly process: washing and peeling, cutting, blanching, de-water, frying, deoiling, freezing and packing. We have rich experience on frozen french fries production line.
Main Fetures:
1. Easy to operate.
2. High automation, large capacity.
3. High efficient, labor-saving, reduce labor time with higher capacity.
4. Small area occupation.
5.Good service after and before

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    The water spray retort is the most commonly used retort for canned food and beverage sterilization. According to different product and sterilization process requirements, customer can choose three types of cascading spray, side spray and water spray retort, The cascading spray retort is suitable for hard canned products, the side spray retort is suitable for soft packaged foods, and the water spray retort can handle almost all types of container foods. The process water is sprayed onto the product through the water pump and the nozzles distributed in the retort to achieve the purpose of sterilization. Accurate temperature and pressure control can be suitable for a variety of food and beverage.

    water spray retort -010-

    Drinks (vegetable protein, tea, coffee): Tin can; Aluminum can; Aluminum bottle; Plastic bottles, cups; Glass jars; Flexible packaging pouch.

    Dairy products: tin cans; plastic bottles, cups; glass bottles; flexible packaging bags

    Vegetables and fruits (mushrooms, vegetables, beans): tin cans; glass bottles; flexible packaging bags;

    Meat, poultry: tin cans; aluminum cans; flexible packaging bags

    Fish and seafood: tin cans; aluminum cans; flexible packaging bags

    Baby food: tin cans; glass jars; flexible packaging bags

    Ready-to-eat meals: pouch sauces; pouch rice; plastic trays; aluminum foil trays

    Pet food: tin can; aluminum tray; plastic tray; flexible packaging bag;



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