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Factory Automatic Meat Fish Batter Breading Machine Tempura Battering Machine

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Battering machine SJJ600- can offer an even coating of the chicken (poultry), beef, meat, seafood etc. with a two-layer batter curtain on the top and a batter under-bath. It is suitable for the processing procedure before breading and pre-dusting.

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The battering machine is the pretreatment equipment in the production process of fried products. It is widely used in the continuous frying production line and can be used in conjunction with the forming machine, the breading machine or the frying machine. The processed products pass through the batter tank with the conveyor belt, so that the surface of the product is coated with a layer of batter, and can be directly fed into the fryer for frying, or into the flour machine, which can protect the fried products and increase product color and flavor.

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The battering machine is a fully automatic sizing equipment that can automatically complete the sizing process of the product. There are two types of battering machines, one is for thin batter and the other is for thick batter.One battering machine immerses the product in the paste through the conveyor belt, so that the product is coated with a layer of paste or tempura powder. The other battering machine evenly adheres the paste to the product through the paste curtain and the lower battering bearing plate, and the excess paste is blown off when passing through the air knife.

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Product Features

1.Quick loading design, easy to clean;
2.Paste viscosity ≤ 2000pa.s;
3.The paste delivery pump has small shear for paste delivery, stable delivery, and little damage to paste viscosity;
4.The height of the paste waterfall is adjustable, and the flow rate is adjustable to ensure the integrity of the paste waterfall;
5.Multiple uses, wide range of applicable raw materials, rich products;
6.Easy to operate, hygienic, safe and reliable;
7.It can be connected with flouring preduster machinee, crumb coating machine, forming machine, frying machine and other equipment to realize continuous production;
8.The whole machine is made of stainless steel and other food grade materials, with novel design, reasonable structure, excellent performance, in line with hygienic standards, in line with HACCP standards, and easy to clean;
9.Use a high-pressure fan to remove excess slurry.

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Product Details

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Application field

Meat: colonel's chicken nuggets, chicken nuggets, hamburger patties, chicken chop, meat chop etc.
Aquatic products: fish steaks, fish-flavored hamburger patties,etc.
Vegetables: potato pie, pumpkin pie, veggie burger pie, etc.
Mixed meat and vegetables: various hamburger patties


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