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Kexinde Foreign Exhibition -Potato Chips&French Fries Machine &Washing Machine

Product Features

Recently, our company just went abroad to carry out the exhibition, this time the main display of equipment is potato chips and French fries production line, basket washing machine, frying line, sterilization pot, planetary stirring frying pan, fruit and vegetable cleaning line, crepe machine and spring roll machine, exhibition customers are very much, to consult the equipment of the customer our engineers also try to answer, many customers are interested in our equipment! Many customers are interested in our equipment, we come back to the customer as soon as possible to do the program. We are a strong manufacturer, cooperating with many customers at home and abroad, the strength of the team is very strong, research and development and innovation ability to meet the requirements of large customers. Hope in our hundred feet pole further.


Post time: Jun-08-2024