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What equipment is needed for quick-frozen French fries

1. Process flow of quick-frozen French fries production line

Quick-frozen French fries are processed from high-quality fresh potatoes. After harvesting, the potatoes are lifted, cleaned by the equipment, the soil on the surface is washed off, and the skin is removed; the potatoes after cleaning and peeling need to be picked manually to remove the inedible and unwashed parts; the picked potatoes are cut into strips , After rinsing, lift it up again and enter the blanching link. Potatoes that have been cut into strips will change color in a short time, and blanching can avoid this situation; blanched French fries need to be cooled, rinsed, and the temperature lowered; the key is to dry the moisture on the surface of the French fries with strong wind The frying link. The fried French fries are deoiled by vibration; they can be quickly frozen at -18°C, and the quick-frozen French fries need to be packaged, and then they can be transported into the market through cold chain transportation.

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2. Quick-frozen French fries production line equipment

According to the above quick-frozen French fries production line process, the quick-frozen French fries production line equipment mainly includes brush cleaning machine, strip cutting machine, blanching machine, bubble cleaning machine (water cooling), air knife air dryer, continuous frying machine, vibration deoiling Machines, quick-freezing machines, multi-head weighing packaging machines, etc. In addition, according to the needs of large-scale and automated processing, it is also necessary to equip hoists, sorting tables and other equipment between some processes.

Quick-frozen French fries have a broad market space. According to market demand, combined with advanced processing technology, our company has developed flexible and diverse quick-frozen French fries production line solutions to help customers improve processing efficiency, improve product quality, reduce energy and labor consumption, and continue to create value for customers.

Post time: Mar-08-2023