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How to choose ready to eat meal retort

water spray retort-073-1Ready to eat meal is becoming increasingly popular in today’s society, and some customers may not know how to choose a suitable retort .There are many types of retorts , and there are also many types of products from customers. Each product is suitable for different retort. Today, we will explain the types and characteristics of retorts  that are ready to eat meal.


Water spray retort sterilizer is famous for its outstanding and consistent temperature distribution.It can achieves consistent product quality,food safety and extended shelf life.

Water spray retort is equipped with water spray device, heat exchange,powerful circulation pump.Heating and holding phase :the powerful pump cycles the process water through retort and heat exchange,the water is sprayed on the product surface,shorten cycle time .save energy and makes heat distribution more uniform,all the products inside the retort get the same thermal treatment.

Indirect heating and cooling ,can effectively avoid big temperature difference,process water for cooling phase, is sterilized during heating and holding phase,then it can effectively avoid the secondary pollution.Help our customers to produce high quality products with better flavor and appearance. 

Post time: Aug-05-2023